Enhance the Experience

Smell and Emotion

The sense of smell most closely linked to memory, smell is highly emotive.

The perfume industry is built around this connection, with perfumers developing fragrances that seek to convey a vast array of emotions and feelings, from desire and vitality to relaxation.

The Influence of fragrance on buying habits

While we may be aware of different scents in the products we buy and also in the air around us, we're often unaware of how and why they're used.

We may not even be conscious of the subtle aroma of a boutique hotel foyer, but just whether we feel comfortable there and if it meets with our expectations.

The psychology of smell

Aromatherapy and Aroma-Chology

The concept of aromatherapy, which is well known nowadays, is the use of natural aromatic materials to enhance health and well-being. '

Aromatherapy focuses on the physical and psychological effects of essential oils by means of both topical application through massage and by olfaction.

Aroma-Chology, on the other hand, deals only with the psychological effects of fragrance on the brain and how it affects moods and emotions.

The commercial fragrance market tends to work on aspects of Aroma-Chology, and companies conduct extensive in-house research to establish particular claims for fragrances.

By creating your unique products we connect your clients emotions with your Brand.